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Omera Photography now offers online booking and the ability to pay by e-transer, credit, debit, or PayPal!


Check Out

My Investment Page!

Curious about what types of sessions are available?

Want to see my Pre-Made Collections or A La Carte Pricing?

This page is for you!

Welcome to Omera Photography!

I'm so glad you found this page, and I'll tell you why:

The philosophy behind Omera Photography is incredible quality for a reasonable price.

I offer many different pricing structures that fit most needs, wants, and budgets:

mini sessions, a la carte pricing, and pre-made collections.

Please check out my Investment Page to see all of the available photography collections and pricing options!

I offer Maternity, Newborn, Family, Graduation, Portraits, Branding/Headshots, Couples, 

Engagement, and Wedding Photography to Saskatoon and the surrounding area.

All of my images are hand edited and retouched to perfection.

I pride myself on offering beautiful images that look finished, but not overdone.

My approach to editing is this...I want you to look polished...without looking fake.

In my opinion, if you wanted the most natural photo of yourself possible, you could take that on your iPhone.

You hire a professional because you want professional images.  And I'm here to give that to you!

I've been told a photographer has to specialize in only one area to be successful,

and while that may be true for some photographers, that will never happen for Omera Photography.  

I love being the one-stop shop for all of your photography needs! 

Capturing such a wide variety of sessions allows me to stay creative and deliver the very best images to you.  

And there is something so incredible about growing with my

clients and photographing their memories wherever they are in life right now!


A La Carte Pricing
Now Available

Not sure if a pre-made photography collection is right for you?

Omera Photography has now added an A La Carte pricing option which allows you to choose the things you want and skip the things you don't.  Let's create your fully customized collection today!

Before & Afters

It's so easy for me to describe my editing style, but I think it's better if I show you!

Snow Spots.jpg


























Omera Photography offers the following types of photography:

Weddings, Engagement/Couples, Graduation, Maternity, Newborns,
Family, Portraits, Fine Art, and Creatives/Cosplay.

Serving Saskatoon and the surrounding communities!

However, I am willing to travel within Saskatchewan and across the country by special request!


About Me

My name is Kait.  I've dreamt about becoming a photographer since I was 15 years old.

In 2019 I finally decided to make my dream a reality! 

So many people ask me why my business name is "Omera Photography" when my name is Kait...well I don't have one of those

gorgeous first and middle name combos that rolls off the tongue smoothly...

and both my maiden and married names are hard to pronounce and even harder to spell!

When I started brainstorming ideas for this business, I wanted something that was lyrical and pretty...

but that also described who I am as a person...while also being unique...

AND I needed something that wasn't registered with the province yet...

Years ago, I had a wonderful rescue kitten who came to me with the name "Omera."  

Usually rescue names are awful so you change them right away, but I thought the name was so pretty that I left it.

She was the perfect combination of cuddle and feisty playfulness,  

but unfortunately she was very sick and she passed away far too soon.  

However, I always carried the memory of her wonderful personality with me.  

She was definitely something special.  A true treasure.

As I sat testing names one night, I decided to look up "Omera" and what the meaning was behind the name...turns out...

"Omera" means someone with a bright and inspiring personality, who enjoys having a positive attitude.

It seemed like the perfect fit for who I am as a person and what I wanted my business to represent!

Omera Photography was born!

I love capturing couples in love, expectant mothers, families, and all of the milestones of life. 
That's my "why" as a Photographer-I've always wanted to document the journey.

My goal is to be the "One-Stop Shop" for all of your photography needs. 
There is little I treasure more than being the person you trust to capture all of your special moments.
I want to be the lady you call for your engagement, your wedding, your maternity session,
your newborns, your family photos, and then hopefully someday, the grad photos.


I am constantly investing in my education so that I can provide my clients with the very best images that I can possibly offer!

I am also very lucky to have an incredible mentor-Gina from Gina's Portraits.

SM - 039CiniL-KAIT_EDIT.jpg

Photo by Gina's Portraits


Martensville, Saskatchewan, Canada

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